About Us

Our unwavering dedication remains centered on delivering ultimate value and detailed car history checks across the UK. Our primary goal is to protect the hard-earned money of our customers.

Ibrahim Shuker – Founder Car Checker

Who are we?

Car Checker is a service for checking the history of vehicles, specifically tailored to assist buyers of used cars in the UK.

We are a group of car enthusiasts with a strong passion for buying and selling cars. This has driven us to actively assist others in ensuring their safety when purchasing a used vehicle.

Our Core Goal and Mission

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive car history check at the most reasonable price, ensuring accessibility for all. We strive to promote greater transparency in the vehicle buying and selling market, a cause that holds significant importance for us.

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We warmly invite any inquiries you may have and are pleased to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page or via email at [email protected].

About Car Checker

Car checker provides a comprehensive vehicle history report for any UK vehicle, supported by a £30,000 data guarantee.

Contact Us

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