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£30k data Guarantee
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What’s a Car Checker?

  • 80+ checks including:
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Written off car check
  • Stolen check (police & insurance)
  • VIN check
  • Mileage check
  • All plate changes
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£30,000 Data Guarantee

  • Our full car check comes with a £30,000 data guarantee, providing peace of mind.
  • Providing full confidence, every time you check a car.
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Car Check

  • Our car check includes over 80 point data checks.
  • Giving you the total confidence to make an informed decision before you purchase a vehicle.
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What Does a Car Checker Cover?

Our car checker provides comprehensive historical data on any vehicle in the UK. Some of the most important data that a car history check can highlight include the following:

Car History Check

Currently, several websites provide car history checks, including Full Car Check, Reg Check, HPI Check, TotalCarCheck, Vehicle Check, Instant Car Check, MyCarCheck, Car Analytics, RAC Car Passport and AA Car Check.

While customers enjoy a range of options, we take pride in delivering exceptional value for money through comprehensive and easily understandable reports.

Free Car Check

Our free car check provides a range of useful information, including MOT history, road tax status, vehicle information, safety recalls, stolen status, BHP, V5C logbook date, insurance group, and more. With over twenty free checks, this offers a good, free solution to quickly verify a second-hand car.

Includes a mileage check to identify discrepancies in the MOT history, links to ULEZ status, and access to askMID database for insurance verification.

For a comprehensive full car history check you can purchase a premium report. This includes all checks and provides a £30,000 data guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

What is a free car check?

A free car check includes over twenty pieces of information relating to a vehicle, including MOT history, road tax data, VCA safety recall notices as well as DVLA data fields.

Why should I get a car check?

A car check provides critical information about a vehicle, which can help you authenticate a second-hand car purchase. These checks help you avoid getting caught out by a fraudulent vehicle sale.

How much do car history checks cost?

Basic car history checks are free to run, For a comprehensive car check covering. 80+ data points at £9.99, with a standard check available for £4.99.

Are car history checks worth the cost?

If you’re looking to buy a second-hand car, we strongly recommend running a car history check first. Although the most thorough checks cost a little, they can potentially save you thousands if your purchase actually ends up being a scam.

Can a car check let me know when my tax and MOT are due?

If you need to check when your tax and MOT are due, our free car history check can help. Alternatively, you can also find this information using the GOV.UK MOT history checker.