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What is a Number Plate Check?

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, ensuring you have taken the necessary steps to authenticate the purchase is crucial. Fortunately, this is where car number plate checks come in.

By entering the car’s number plate in the car checker tool, you’ll be able to view a detailed history, such as MOT history, last known mileage data, stolen and write-off status, financing information, basic car details, and so much more. In turn, this helps you make an informed choice on whether or not to purchase the vehicle.

Why are Number Plate Checks so Important?

Running a number plate check before purchasing a new vehicle is vitally important, although many people miss out on this because they fail to realise the risks involved with purchasing a fraudulent vehicle.

Even in the best-case scenario, you might just find that the car isn’t what you had expected when you handed over money for it. However, in the worst case, you could end up paying for the car with nothing to show for it at all.

Since number plate checks can bring up hugely important information relating to your vehicle, they allow you to authenticate the purchase before you hand over money, reducing the chances of nasty surprises once you’ve purchased the car

Key checks that you can make with a number plate check service include:

Ensuring the seller owns the vehicle

Checking the past MOT history

Looking for any past write-offs on the car

Verifying the number plate details

Estimating mileage (to reduce the risk of buying a clocked car)

How to Check a Car’s History

Checking a car’s history is surprisingly easy. All you’ll need is the number plate; then, simply enter this into a checking tool, and this will immediately bring up a range of information relating to the vehicle’s history.

This only applies if you have been given the correct number plate, so make sure to check the vehicle details issued to the number plate against the car you are planning on buying, just to be sure this is accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a plate has been changed?

Your car number plate check might show that the car’s number plate has been changed. This isn’t necessarily something sinister. However, you may want to get an explanation from the seller of the car to verify whether the plate change is genuine.

Can the same plate be issued to two cars?

A number plate can only be issued to a single car. Following this, if you notice that the plate check shows the plate as being registered to a different type of car, this could likely mean the sale is a scam.

Can I see past owners of a car?

Our car checker tool can allow you to check how many owners a car may have had. However, the past owners’ personal information will be hidden for data protection purposes.

How do I see what the original number plate was?

If you want to check the original number plate, a car history check can help.

How do I assign a private number to a vehicle?

To assign a private number plate to a vehicle, you will need to apply with DVLA.

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