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Salvage check includes damage photos, description, and damage category

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What is a Salvage Check?

If an insurance company declares a vehicle as written off or if it’s stolen and later recovered with damages, it could end up at a salvage auction. A salvage check includes details details of the damage and photos. In our sample report, you’ll find example damaged photos of a vehicle sold through a salvage auction.

What is included in a Salvage Check?

The salvage check is included as part of our car checker reports, which include all the information listed below:

Description of the car damage:

Photos of the car damage

The mileage recorded at the salvage auction

Location of the salvage auction

Date seen at auction

Why is a Salvage Check important?

Written-off status: Checks if the car is declared a write-off, details include written-off category, loss date, damage areas, and cause of damage.

Outstanding finance check: Checks there is finance recorded against the vehicle. This includes the agreement date, number, term, type, date of transaction, finance company, and vehicle description.

Check MOT data: Viewing the vehicle’s past MOT information can help you make sure that it hasn’t experienced major issues (and that there are no costly outstanding advisories).

Salvage check: Ensure the vehicle hasn’t been salvaged or written off in the past, or if it has, see the vehicle’s salvage and/or write-off status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a salvaged car?

There’s no simple way to say whether you should buy a salvaged car since this will depend on what you need the car for. You will need to check whether repairs are possible, and if so, how much these will cost (and whether the salvage price justifies the repairs).

Can I drive a salvage car?

A salvaged car cannot be driven, insured, or taxed until it has been fully repaired to a road-worthy standard. Not all salvage cars will necessarily be repairable. You may need to ask the DVLA whether a particular salvage car can become roadworthy again if fixed.

How do I carry out a salvage history check?

To perform a salvage history check, enter your registration into the search field above and select either a standard or full check to reveal the details of the salvage check.

What are the different salvage categories?

After a vehicle has been declared a write-off and categorised in the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTR) database, it should be documented in the car’s history, and the status must be disclosed to buyers.

A (Scrap) 
B (Break) 
S (Repairable Structural) 
N (Repairable Non- Structural)
U (Not owned by insurance company, not logged in MIAFTR)
X (No record of the damage and not on HPI)

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